Our hero stories

The extended lockdown has broken the backbone of workers, but in these hard times, some masihahs like Revathy bring them some strength. Revathy is taking care of six migrant families currently including all her house helps for the last five years, her driver, cook, etc. They not only belong to her present city Mumbai, but also to Ahmedabad, where she stayed months back.
She has also taken responsibility for a girl’s education. This was when Revathy approached that girl and asked “paise hai?” , to which the girl replied “haan didi hain, teen hazar rupaiye”. This was heart-breaking for Revathy because she knew, it was the consolidated earnings of that sixteen-year-old, who was shouldered with the responsibility of her entire family, including her ailing father.
Revathy’s intent is simple – all she wants to ensure is that these families do not go hungry to bed, no matter how long the lockdown lasts. We salute such heroes for their big hearts and magnanimity of compassion. Thank you, Revathy for going the extra mile in making this world a better place with your contributions.