About Aditya 

Aditya is an engineering graduate from the 2020 batch and completed his degree from the Symbiosis Institute of Technology. Aditya has a keen interest in Marketing and likes to work in a team. He has also helped an NGO with their website previously and was the Head of Events in the Tech Fest in his alma mater. He is a problem solver and feels that problems are not stop-signs but guidelines to the solution.

Motivation to work with CITF

Aditya hails from Mumbai and could not venture out of his house due to the lockdown imposed in the city. He thus felt like contributing during the pandemic situation and creating an impact. He believes he will look back at this time and be proud that he was able to help during such an event. 

Contributions to CITF

In the initial days as he joined CITF, Aditya was responsible for reaching out to companies and startups and helping them pitch their ideas in the Demo Days. Aditya also helped multiple startups with their pitches and solutions. 

He believes the most important role he played during Demo Days was in ‘keeping the chaos in control’. At these times, he coordinated with all the different teams, managed the event timeline and also ensured the event ran smoothly. 

Currently, as a part of the Cohort Support Team, he helps the startups and companies in networking with each other and discuss their solutions as well. These internal connections help the companies in their growth as well as to develop better solutions.