About Kriti

Kriti is an engineering graduate from the 2020 batch and pursued her degree from Symbiosis Institute of Technology. She is a diligent person and she never rests until she’s conquered the problem she is facing. She has also been a part of social initiatives in the past, including one where her team conducted an origami workshop for the children of workers. Kriti also loves to doodle in her free time and calls herself – ‘A Jill of all trades’ who looks forward to ‘putting a dent in the universe’.

Motivation to work with CITF

With the lockdown being imposed in the country during the coronavirus pandemic, Kriti felt a need to contribute in some way or the other. She also took inspiration from her father who is a government official. She could understand problems such as the migrant crisis,low availability of food packets and thus felt the need to help in her own capacity with the help of CITF’s platform. 

Contributions to CITF

During her initial days with the Cohort Support Team, Kriti was closely associated with the Demo Days. She coordinated with various participants and managed the timeline for the event. 

The role was also challenging for Kriti as it was her first experience in guiding people and making them follow timelines. The task helped her in realising the importance of good communication and made her believe the phrase – ‘Brevity is the soul of wit’. She even helped an NGO in making their own presentation for one of the Demo Days. 

She is currently the co-lead of the Cohort Support Team and is closely working with the Demand and Supply team to identify potential areas where CITF could make a greater impact. 

In the past month, she has interacted with many people and learnt a lot about various innovative solutions to combat the crisis.