About Anishka

Anishka is currently pursuing a dual degree MBA Tech degree in Information Technology from NMIMS University, Mumbai. She has always been passionate about bringing a social change and making a difference. Being a multi-tasker, she is motivated to learn new things, adapt, grow and excel in them. Always an active participant of the team, she prefers to spend her idle time with colors or paints.

Motivation to work with CITF

Since the pandemic outbreak, the extraordinary situation, made Anishka feel that she had to contribute in the slightest way possible towards the cause. The feeling of giving back to the community kept her motivated. She understands that a lot of people have been affected and she wanted to introduce help in the society.

Contributions to CITF

Anishka is a HR Associate. During her tenure at CITF, Anishka worked as a technical expert for the HR team and helped them with her analysing skills. She has coordinated with other teams to introduce an automated smooth exit policy for the alumni and thus helped in providing structure to the department. Also, she has carried out a feedback analysis from the alumni to help the organization understand its weaknesses better and create smooth operations. 

She has helped in maintaining the HR data and prepared dashboards, further to analyse and present them as well.