Ameya Mittal

About Ameya 

Ameya is a final year undergraduate student currently pursuing Mechanical Engineering at IIT Bombay. He is passionate about many different things such as problem-solving and has even headed some councils at his institute. He has also contributed to some social service initiatives by Abhyuday (social body of IIT Bombay) taking place at his institute. In his free time, he likes to paint, read fiction and connect with people!

Motivation to work with CITF

Being from Mumbai, Ameya was almost at the epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic. He saw the plight of people such as doctors, frontline workers and migrant labourers. Ameya then came across the CITF platform and joined on board to help the noble initiative. He says he will surely look back at this time and feel proud that instead of sitting hand-in-hand, he was contributing in his capacity. 

Contributions to CITF

Ameya joined the CITF Tech team to develop a platform on the website to host ‘Volunteer Stories’. These stories had two primary purposes.

The first purpose was to spread stories about amazing volunteers and their contributions to the world. The second purpose was also to provide every volunteer, a story of their own. This initiative also helped the team in reaching out to many other enthusiastic people.

Ameya covered more than 40 stories during his 2-month experience at CITF. He also helped in building the Volunteer Stories platform on the website. 

 In the process, he connected and networked with all the teams of CITF, and penned down the contributions of all the core members. The experience taught him a lot about being a part of a social impact organization. He is grateful to have had such amazing people around him.