Sartaj Ahmed

About Sartaj Ahmed

With extensive experience in the software industry, Sartaj joins CITF as a CyberSecurity advisor. Since his college days, Sartaj was interested in software and computers, which eventually led him to become a software professional. In this role, he contributed to all stages of SDLC and finally found his passion in “CyberSecurity”. 

His expertise not only spans across different phases of SDL but also penetration testing of web and mobile-based applications. His other areas of interest include cloud security.

Sartaj not only loves gaining new technical knowledge but also is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge. Cybersecurity being his passion, Sartaj has given talks at various National Conferences – OWASP Hyderabad Chapter, NULL Hyderabad, Cyberfrat security conference, to name a few. He has been a volunteer at International CyberSecurity conferences – NULLCON and also has been a moderator at CircleCityCon.

Sartaj is also a part-time CTF Player and a bug bounty hunter.

Motivation to work with CITF

He was motivated by his previous volunteering experience of being a COVID frontline warrior. He had been associated with FAC19 India – a team of Doctors, Civil Servants, NGOs and students who provided food and urgent healthcare services to people in need. Sartaj became a part of the CITF family as he wanted to utilise his technical skills for the benefit of society. As CITF’s philosophy was in line with Sartaj’s – to help the needy in these tough times, he happily started volunteering. He hopes more people join CITF and contribute their part towards the nation.

Contributions to CITF

Sartaj is CITF’s cybersecurity advisor and part of the core CITF Tech team. He has performed security assessments for CITF and various applications like “” which is being actively used by the Maharashtra Govt. He has also tested mobile apps designed for the West Bengal Govt and the application created for Andhra Pradesh government.

Sartaj has been actively providing security guidelines for the developers which are being used while developing websites and apps for CITF right from the product development stage. His cybersecurity expertise has helped in making the CITF applications more secure.