Vishant Prajapati

About Vishant

Vishant has a diverse background in Product Development and Product Management and calls himself ‘a polymath’ who focuses on creating a positive impact on society through scalable design solutions; a strong believer in learning-over-education, he has made exploring and learning to be his two core philosophies. He has a remarkable proficiency in User Experience (UX) as well as Design Thinking, with an experience of close to 5 years in the industry. In the said five years, he has explored varying and competent roles of a researcher, a designer and a manager with the flair and finesse of an adept. Aside from the technical areas, his knack for proffering has had him gain various volunteering experiences, one of which was a group project where he made a skatepark in Janwaar (Janwaar-Castle), Madhya Pradesh.

Motivation to work with CITF

At the very beginning of the lockdown period itself, Vishant proactively reached out to the Municipal Government in his city and provided advance and practicable solutions for the delivery of essential items to households. This initiative was mainly an effort to keep everyone safe and inside their homes. With an ‘army of doctors’ tirelessly and continually performing the duties like those of the army at the borders, Vishant got the inspiration to join CITF and make an impact. 

Contributions to CITF

Vishant plays the role of a Program Manager within the CITF Tech team. His primary duty is to ensure that all projects undertaken by the organisation are delivered on time without any difficulties. He also has a chief contribution in coordinating the communication between tech team and various other teams. In this, he parallels himself to the ‘12th man of the Tech team’. 

In addition, Vishant also represents the Tech team in meetings with other groups, as well as in internal meetings. The responsibility is also cross-functional, wherein Vishant has interacted with other teams for their needs, and has conveyed the same to the experts in the Tech team. Vishant has helped the CITF team with this network of experts to build different platforms. He sees a vast potential in the team’s work, and believes that there is always more room to explore, and looks forward to keep contributing for the greater good.