Nupur Jha

About Nupur

Born and brought up in Patna, Nupur has a Masters in Technology from Delhi College of Engineering and work experience of over 5 years with companies like Philips Lighting in diverse roles. This multi-talented engineer was not only a brilliant student but also a committed member of various student clubs. Her pursuits in the Cultural activities club, Maths club, and Rotaract club exposed her to community service work of substance and contentment. Nupur is also a Kathak exponent.

Motivation to join CITF

Nupur has been actively contributing and giving back to society in her capacity. After the COVID-19 imposed lockdown was enforced, she gathered funds and supported construction workers with food for 15 days. Later, she came across Covid India Task Force (CITF) on LinkedIn and immediately extended a helping hand to the cause.

Contributions to CITF 

Nupur joined the User Research team and transitioned to being the team lead within a week. Initially, she worked with the Demand and Supply team to understand the issues of the frontline workers; and then bridged the gap in connecting doctors with suitable vendors. Now, she works on researching and identifying emerging trends in COVID-19 management and assists other CITF teams in functioning more efficiently. So far, CITF assignments have turned out to be an exhilarating experience for Nupur.